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ABC Software

ABC software is the new innovative system for the management, creation and analysis of experimental protocols.


The Home-cage Operant Panel (HOP) is a new simple and programmable apparatus to test rodents and primate behavior into their home cages

Simon TLC

The camera system allows Simon recording video on your Logistics Equipment for modular cages.

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PRS Operant Cage

ABC Software

ABC Software

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With ABC Software PRS Italia that controls the procedure and collects the measuring data is very easy to learn and use.

The ABC Software works on all operating systems. Designing the experiment is very simple, the software uses a block system flexible and fully customizable.

No compromise, no limit with the cage controller PRS.

The software allows control of environmental parameters (Optional: temperature, humidity, ambient light, circadian rhythms) and animals. Using RFID technology it is possible to identify animals by micro-tags (7.5 x 1mm)

The interface box uses a safe and innovative communication protocol based on CAN bus technology. The whole system can work and also be controlled using the network. There is no need of a dedicated PC.


Design an experiment is very simple. using an easy interface to the block diagram, you can manage your experiment.

Each block is associated with a module inside the operant Cage. Using the advanced mode you can control and change in detail all the possible parameters.  With Cage Controller, you can use your operant cage for all standard applications and you can easily create new and more complex.  you can change the logic of the experiment based on the trend of the results of one or more external operant.  you can integrate and save experiments and record in a database all results.

Our analysis software allows you to verify the results obtained. you can quickly create dynamic and the frequencies of the contingencies and latencies between events of any kind.



compatible with:

Windows V
Apple OS


Linux V






NOW COMPATIBLE with animal behavior of other manufacturers (General Interfaces MED V13)


Brochure ABC Software 2013