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ABC Software

ABC software is the new innovative system for the management, creation and analysis of experimental protocols.


The Home-cage Operant Panel (HOP) is a new simple and programmable apparatus to test rodents and primate behavior into their home cages

Simon TLC

The camera system allows Simon recording video on your Logistics Equipment for modular cages.


Operant Behaviour

Operant behavior is a term first used by B.F. Skinner who was one of the best-known psychologists in the behaviorism school. In his many years of work, Skinner theorized that organisms were often influenced in behavior by consequences, and that previous consequences would have an affect on future behavior. Consequences could be either natural or contrived, and were often contrived in the types of studies on operant behavior practices on animals.

Home Operant Panel

The Home Cage Pannel is an apparatus for the behavioral analysis for rats and mice controlled by computer.
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PRS Operant Cage

The cage based PRS is a modular structure made ​​of anodized aluminum and steel. This structure can implement most of the experimental protocols for the animal behavior including food products.
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ABC Software

The cage controller works on all operating systems. Designing the experiment is very simple, the software uses a block system flexible and fully customizable.
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General Interface V13-MC

This interface is designed to be able to handle almost products for animal behavior of other manufacturers, such as levers feeder lights etc.. using the new innovative software ABC (Animal Behavior Console) of PRS.
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PHOP- Primate Home Cage Operant Panel

The PHC is an operating panel, suitable for small primates.
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