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ABC Software

ABC software is the new innovative system for the management, creation and analysis of experimental protocols.


The Home-cage Operant Panel (HOP) is a new simple and programmable apparatus to test rodents and primate behavior into their home cages

Simon TLC

The camera system allows Simon recording video on your Logistics Equipment for modular cages.


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Restore your old equipments with an innovative and powerful software!

The idea of being able to use and manage the old equipment with a modern control system projected into the future, has now become a reality, with the interface GI-V13-MC of PRS Italia.

This interface is designed to be able to handle almost products for animal behavior of other manufacturers, such as levers feeder lights etc.. using the new innovative software ABC (Animal Behavior Console) of PRS.

To make the replacement operation of the control equipment simple, fast and economic the connective was maintained with the same standard of the manufacturer so that they can be replaced without having to change anything of the old plant including cables.

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In this way the customer gets a series of advantages:

  1. The software is totally innovative, easy to use and powerful
  2. The plant can be managed by LAN network
  3. The software can be installed on any operating system Windows and Macintosh etc.
  4. Multi access to the system more PCs simultaneously performingmonitoring and creation of experimental protocols or data analysis
  5. Increase in the number of cages up to 32 for each plant
  6. No need for a dedicated PC as the cage controller acts as a PC
  7. The data acquired on the field are managed with a 1ms time stamp
  8. The galvanic isolation between devices ensures the physical separation and responsibility for the guarantees of individual manufacturers
  9. Allows expansion with PRS products
  10. Remote tele-assistance for updating software or for help utilities

ABC Software


ABC software is the new innovative system for the management, creation and analysis of experimental protocols. The management of your experiments has never been so easy thanks to a next-generation interface.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 June 2016 09:23

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